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10 Degrees Automotive Testimonials
If you are looking for a quality mechanic and an honest opinion on your vehicle, then this is a great option in the area. We visited the shop recently for an inspection on our Ford, and couldn’t have been more satisfied with our service.
Christopher McMahon

Incredible service! Respectful workers. An honest business to the max. They diagnosed my battery light revealing a bad alternator 30 minutes before they closed, express ordered the parts and had it all completed within one hour at an extremely great price! I HIGHLY recommend 10 Degrees Automotive to everyone! Id give more than 5 stars if I could. Thanks guys!

Best Experience I’ve had in a while! 10 degree saw me same day and had my car done in less than 30 mins. The employees were very professional.
Jessica Nieto

I have taken my car here twice now and feel completely confident and happy with the work done.
Bianca Wilson

In these trying times, it’s great to have a trusted mechanic that will give you a fair price for the survives that your vehicle will need and always exceed it. There is always something extra that they do to make you feel valued as a customer. They are very professional and value your time with how long they get your services done and no last minute surprises on extra cost! You are a great value to the community!
Brock Derrick

I recently had a leveling kit installed on my truck Ricardo was great very friendly and informative. It’s very hard to find a mechanic with perfect reviews Ricardo’s shop definitely deserves the perfect 5 star reviews he has. He was honest, fair, friendly and most importantly meticulous. I would highly recommend this shop to friends and family and will definitely return in the future when I need work done on my vehicle.
Steven Schreffler

Very polite and accommodating Not only were they fast, but they had a lounge area for us to wait, and on top of that they were very nice to us and even gave us a token of appreciation(stylus pen) as a thank you for our business! Wow, we we’re so impressed and won’t think twice about going to them for another oil change and future mechanical work! Try them out!
Gabriel Franco

Simply the best!!! I Only trust Ricardo to work on my car he has been my mechanic of choice. He is honest and will do what is best for you and your vehicle. Thank you 10 degree Automotive.
Jenni B

I had such a great experience here, they are very friendly and I got a quick oil change at an awesome price! I even got a small gift as a thank-you for my business. Can’t recommend strongly enough!!
Justin Philobos

I was fortunate to find this place in an unfortunate situation. My 2012 Corolla’s alternator went out on me one morning after taking my little one to preschool. The tow truck driver recommended this place for repair. Excellent, honest, straightforward and quick service. I was so impressed with the amazing service, I returned about 2 weeks after the alternator incident to have my vehicles oil changed. Again, excellent service! You will not regret giving this place a chance if you are in need of a routine service or unforeseen repair.
Astrid Crowe

Excellent service, shopping around for an Oil change and found a Gem! I’ll be going back here, started next week for my next service!
Marla Wooton

Ricardo always gives options that are best for you and not in his interest. He genuinely cares about fixing any car issues you have. He is very experienced in what he does.
Alma Ortiz

I’m so pleased with the help I received from an employee at 10 Automotive. Roberto took the time from his busy schedule to help with a check engine issue and fit me in before I head out of town with my car. I had another concern that I brought up and he checked that issue out also. Thanks again for the great service and compassion for a nervous moms long distance trip. Definitely would recommend this shop.
Debbie Benfield

We used to Live in Corona and take both vehicles there all the time. They actually replace my whole engine and have been amazing. We were coming into town and had a fun sound and realized it was our breaks. We stopped in 30 minutes before closing and they were gracious to take a look at it. They are the best!
KW MC605

Went to get my back brakes done on my bmw computer said brakes were due for replacement he called and said your brakes are fine could gave replaced them anyways but he was honest thank you for your honesty
Sandee Nichols

Moved to Corona a year and a half ago from L.A. as a mechanic myself with a business running I don’t have time to work on my own cars so i needed to find a honest mechanic locally. I needed some work on my Sport’ute so I stopped by 10 degrees and played the part of a armature to test them out. Ricardo called to give the diagnosis and it was spot on exactly what was wrong no over charging. He did give me a great price on replacing my leaking fuel tank. Highly recommend this spot for their honesty and great prices. If u could trust them working on my custom A4 then you could trust them with your vehicle.Tell him Richard from Luminosity Auto sent you!
Richard Castellanos

Ricardo is the man! I needed to get a pre-purchase auto inspection at the last minute. Ricardo told me to come on down. He thoroughly inspected the 2008 Scion XD I brought in. I visited the shop with the salesman from the dealership. Before starting the inspection, Ricardo asked the salesman if there was anything he wanted to disclose. He also told me does inspections for local dealers and tells them if a customer comes in with the car, he’ll point out any needed repairs if the dealer hasn’t done them. He’s definitely a straight shooter! Ricardo used to be a mechanic at a Toyota dealership, too. That put me at ease because Scions are Toyotas. He explained everything to me and was extremely professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to take my car to his shop for service in the future.
D. Fenestrator

I’ve never felt more comfortable with another auto service shop. Ricardo, the owner, is very transparent/honest, friendly, and provides a quick turnaround. One of the many things I appreciate about him is the time he takes to answer any questions I may have. He provides me with the information and understanding I look for to make an informed decision. With a busy schedule, I can always count on him and his team to get me back on the road as soon as possible. I’ve had my major work done there too with little down time which is amazing. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my, my family’s, and friends’ vehicles. Finding a good and honest machanic can be hard to come by but it doesn’t have to be. Give Ricardo a call and rest assure you’re in good hands. I highly recommend 10 Degrees Automotive.

I have been going to 10 Degrees Auto for four years. I am very mechanically inclined and very picky with the quality of work done on my cars. The guys at 10 Degrees are people that you can trust with the largest investment you will make outside from buying a house and the safety of your family. They are dealership trained and quality/experienced mechanics at a very fair price. But the difference you will find out when you service your car with them is the they care about the work. It can be an oil change or a motor change they give the same attention of work. And that is how I describe 10 Degrees Automotive.
Reginald Tubao

10 Degree Automotive has been serving as what feels like our own personal fleet mechanic. I can call whenever my car sounds funny, ask for advice, and get honest advise. Every time my car is repaired, I can know its been done right and the prices are always below the big shops. I feel safe in the hands of 10 Degree Automotive.
Jenifer Reyna

There’s no question 10 Automotive deserve 5 stars. Ricardo & the team is very prompt, professional, courteous, honest, passion & with reasonable prices. We been coming to this place for many years and not once we disappointed with they service. Ricardo & the team always know how to fix & servicing our cars inside & out. I will refer this place every chance I get, Highly Recommend!!!

Annie Martini

10 Automotive is an excellent auto shop in town , Ricardo and the team members highly skills and experience. They are very honest people will fix your cars right and very decent price. I have my cars done here few years now, never have anything problems and complains after done . Ricardo will never suggests to fix other parts that you do not need it , unlike other auto shops to make your money . You get dealerships services and experience without breaking your wallet. Peace of mind on the road , this is the auto shop you need.
George chin

I felt comfort and relief when I found this place a few years ago. Their honesty and integrity shows every time. I have 4 cars in the family, so this was a big relief. I have saved lots of time and money because the issue was less than was originally expected. Ricardo is a stand up individual that cares, actually cares and understands what being a consumer is like. I highly recommend the folks at 10 degrees for new and old cars. By the way, the only thing that sucks here is the parking, but you will understand why when you get there.
Pete Sayegh

My wife and I are very much satisfied with our experience with 10 Degrees Automotive with special cudos to Gustaf. I personally have over 40 years experience in the automotive repair industry including trouble shooting for both mechanical shops and body shops. I can honedhon say I have never dealt with as better repair facility. They did what they said they would do, for a very competitive price and I highly recommend them. I don’t say that about many shops. Thank you Gustaf. You are my one stop shop for mechanical.
Ed Abramson