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Whether you are driving an automatic transmission vehicle or a manual one, your car may need a transmission service occasionally. You should know about faulty transmission symptoms and when your car requires a transmission fluid change, a transmission tune up, or a replacement. At 10 Degrees Automotive, our manual and automatic transmission shop offers you all kinds of budget-friendly transmission services in Corona, California.

How Does a Transmission Work?

Transmission is considered one of the most complicated components of a vehicle. It is basically the gearbox. There are usually five or six gear sets in a transmission, plus the gear trains. This system makes it possible for the driver to control the amount of engine power delivered to the car. As a result, the driver can control how fast or how slow the car goes.
The gears in a transmission are changed according to the speed of the vehicle and how far the driver is pressing down on the gas pedal. This allows the revolutions per minute (RPM) of the engine to remain at an appropriate level.

Each set of gears determines the engine power ratio delivered to the wheels. In lower gear levels, the transmission delivers less engine energy, so when you are driving slowly, you use lower gears. This causes less damage to the engine. On the other hand, higher gear levels are used when you need to drive faster. The transmission delivers more engine energy, enough for the speed you desire.

Except for providing control over your engine energy and speed, this system raises the vehicle’s fuel economy. Moreover, turning gears prevent your engine from being overloaded.

Faulty Transmissions Symptoms

If there is something wrong with the transmission, you will notice some symptoms. Even if your car shows one of these signs, you need to get a transmission specialist to check it for you. These indications can be a little bit different according to the transmission type.

Warning Signs in Manual Transmissions

If your manual transmission is going out, you will notice some common warning signs. You will need to see a transmission mechanic to help you fix it.

  • Odd noises, such as grinding, bumping, squealing, whirring, etc.
  • Clutch slipping
  • Jumping out of gear
  • Getting stuck in one gear
  • Delay
  • Trouble with shifting/getting into gear
  • Oil leakage

Warning Signs in Automatic Transmissions

ATs are more sophisticated and complicated; this makes repairing and diagnosis harder. So, it is important to take each of these warning signs seriously before a minor problem evolves into a major one.

  • Leaking fluid
  • Low fluid
  • Check engine light
  • Burning smell
  • Unusual noises, such as grinding, clunking, whining
  • Noises in neutral gear
  • Shaking in gear
  • Slipping gears
  • Car does not engage in gear

Transmission Services We Offer at Our Transmission Shop

( Duration & Pricing Vary )

At our transmission shop, you will find transmission mechanics who are expertly trained for all types of transmissions. You can trust their honest and professional diagnosis. We offer complete transmission services.


  • Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Rebuild
  • Transmission Replacement
  • Transmission Fluid Change
  • Transmission Flush
  • Transmission Leak Repair
  • Transmission Filter Change
  • Transmission Tune Up or Service

Transmission Repair

If you take your vehicle to a transmission shop at the first warning signs, you might avoid more extensive and expensive troubles. For minor problems, our transmission specialists do not recommend a complete rebuild. They just fix the problem without detaching the transmission. Some of these minor transmission problems repair include:

  • Resealing
  • Repairing a few components
  • Adjusting a few components

The transmission repair cost is less than rebuilding or replacement. Our mechanics will diagnose and fix the problem in no time.

Transmission Rebuild

A transmission rebuild is a very technical process that requires experienced specialists. If a transmission suffers from major problems, but there are still some parts that can be rescued, our top-notch mechanics will remove the whole transmission system, inspect every part for faults, replace the faulty ones, clean its different components, and reassemble the transmission.

You can count on an honest transmission rebuild at reasonable prices. Our professionals here will diagnose the problem quickly, however, the whole process of detaching and reassembling the transmission can take a day.

Transmission Replacement

Another complicated process, transmission replacement is required when it is extremely damaged and no part is good enough to save. During a replacement, the mechanics remove the vehicle’s transmission completely and replace it with a new one. This can also take a day or two depending on the type of transmission and the vehicle itself. We try our best to do it as soon as possible.

Transmission replacement cost is higher than a rebuild, but at our manual and automatic transmission shop, we promise a fair price.

Transmission Fluid Change

You need to change the transmission fluid or the transmission oil every once in a while, to make sure the debris is not circulating in the transmission and causing damage. During a transmission fluid change, our experts drain it and mix 50% or 60% of the new fluid with your old one.

It is usually recommended to have a fluid change every two years. But it depends on your vehicle as well. There are also some signs that can help you consider a transmission oil change.

  • Dark red, dark brown, or black oil
  • Slipping transmission
  • Slipping gears
  • Difficulty with reverse gear
  • Unusual shifting
  • Unusual sounds, especially while accelerating or turning
  • Burning smell
  • Check engine light

Bring your car in and allow our technicians to help you with it at a reasonable transmission fluid change price. It is also done quickly and can take only half an hour.

Transmission Flush

In order to maintain the transmission and avoid premature severe damages, you need to have a transmission flush every once in a while. In a transmission flush, our experts flush out all the oil from different parts of the transmission, including the pan itself, the cooler lines, and the torque converter to get rid of oxidized fluid, particles, and other contamination. Then, the new clean fluid replaces the old one.

A flush extends the lifespan of the transmission by reducing its heat, protecting it from corrosion, and improving shifting. It is normally recommended to have a transmission flush every two years; however, it depends on the type of vehicle and its transmission. You can consult with our transmission specialists to see whether you need one or not.

It takes only about three hours for our experienced mechanics to flush out your transmission and replace the fluid with the best oils in the market to enhance the performance and longevity of your vehicle’s transmission.

Transmission Leak Repair

The transmission fluid can start leaking for different reasons. It might happen because of a crack in the fluid lines or seals, old or out-of-place pan gasket, punctures and cracks in the pan, and a worn torque convertor. If you do not take the leak seriously and postpone fixing it, a major expensive transmission problem will be waiting for you. So, any oil spots under your car can indicate leakage.

At our shop, our experts will check first to make sure it is the transmission fluid that is leaking. Then, they find its source to decide what is causing the leakage. Finally, they will replace the faulty part and refill the transmission fluid.

Depending on the source of the leakage, the time and the price for fixing it differ. We guarantee a quick diagnosis and the best service at a fair price.

Transmission Filter Change

To prevent the fluid from contamination and dirt, a transmission filter is installed to keep it clean. Most manufacturers recommend a filter replacement every 30000 miles or two years because it can expand the lifespan of the transmission by avoiding damage. An unclean fluid or a clogged filter can cause the following damages to your vehicle’s transmission:

  • Troubles with shifting
  • Transmission slipping
  • Gears grinding

You might want to consider checking the transmission filter for a replacement each time you have a fluid change. Our transmission experts will check the filter and in case it is clogged, they will replace it to prevent further wear and damage.

Transmission Tune Up or Service

If you see any indications of transmission problems, it is time to bring in your car for transmission service or a tune-up.
A transmission tune-up at our manual and automatic transmission shop usually includes a transmission fluid change, a transmission filter change or cleaning, cleaning the pan, and replacing the gasket.

We also recommend you get a transmission service every 30,000 miles even if there is no warning sign. It can improve the performance of your car and protect your transmission from major damage.

How Often Should You Service the Transmission?

Most manufacturers recommend checking the transmission every two years or every 30000 miles. However, it also depends on your driving style. If you drive your vehicle in mountainous areas and other extreme places, you need to get it serviced more often.

Whether you just need a service, or you have noticed some warning signs, our transmission shop in Corona, CA is here for you.

Different Types of Transmissions

The two main types of car transmissions are manual and automatic. Basically, in manual transmissions, the driver must change the gears, but in automatic transmissions, it is obviously done automatically. This difference has made automatic transmissions more complicated.

Aside from these two main transmission types, there are two other types as well. we will discuss each type separately.

Manual Transmissions or MT

When the driver decides to shift gears manually, the clutch must be engaged to disconnect the transmission gears completely from the clutch plate. Then it is aligned with the new gears selected by the driver.

As transmission gears and the clutch plate are detached, we feel a jump when the gears are being changed.

MTs are much simpler than automatic transmissions, which is why manual transmission repair and diagnosis is easier than an automatic one.

Automatic Transmissions or AT

In an automatic transmission or AT, roughly the same thing happens, except that the clutch is operated automatically based on the speed, and how far the driver is pressing the gas pedal. There are some sensors and processors that make this smooth perfect change of gears possible.

Of course, the driver can choose the gears’ mode. This includes forward, reverse and neutral. However, in another type of automatic transmission, mostly known as ‘Tiptronic’, there are some buttons or paddles that give the driver more manual control.

The automatic change of gears happens more accurately than the manual change by the driver. This means that the error rate is lower in ATs which means higher efficiency.

Automated Manual Transmission or AMT

As its name suggests, AMT shares similarities with both manual and automatic transmissions. Like MT, automated manual transmissions include a mechanical clutch. However, the driver cannot control it. Like AT, the clutch is automatically engaged. This is done by utilizing some hydraulic and electronic controls.

This type of transmission is also known as ‘sequential manual gearbox’ or ‘direct shift gearbox’.

Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT

In continuously variable transmissions, there is not any gear change. The in-built sensors, belts, and pulleys make it possible to have a range of drive ratios that change continuously based on the conditions.
This is perhaps the most efficient system because it constantly keeps the engine in its optimal power range.

Our Auto Transmission Services Are The Best in Corona, CA

Considering how skilled our mechanics are, the relatively short turnaround time, and the fair transmission service cost. From a simple transmission fluid exchange to a complete transmission replacement, we are here for you, regardless of your transmission type.

Our experts are ready to give honest advice about your vehicle’s condition and the options you have. Besides our manual and automatic transmission shop, we offer thorough brake inspection and services, electronic diagnostics and repair, and any other car repairs.

Call us to schedule an appointment, or bring in your car at 1453 W 6th St #102x, Corona, CA 92882, USA. Our shop is open even on Saturdays.

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